Estate Sale Finds - 4.25-4.27


Happy hunting this upcoming weekend! Not too many great sales going on this weekend in ATX/SA, but there are always treasures out there.  I enjoy going to estate sales in the middle of no where, where I am the youngest by 30 years and the prices are amazing! What is your estate sale strategy?

Tip: If you are going to a popular estate sale (lots of items/well advertised) then I would show up almost an hour early to grab a number (most will only let a small amount of people in at one time).

Estate #1 - New Braunfels

Estate #2 - Austin

Estate #3 - San Antonio

Estate #4 - San Antonio

Easter Weekend 2014


We enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend with family up north.  My in-laws mandatory bluebonnet pictures were on the agenda, as well as an egg hunt just for Turner.  Saturday the weather was absolutely perfect so after photos and ice cream, we did some antique shopping on the town square.  I bought a cowboy hat, a white porcelain vase and a few other knick knacks. I'm definitely in my element when treasure hunting, and I absolutely love the hunt for unique items to decorate our new home.  Sunday, we attended Alex's church he grew up in, and had a giant Easter meal following.  We headed back to Austin later that afternoon and were stuck in I-35 traffic most of the way. I loathe you I-35. It's great to be back home in my comfy bed, but I'm sad to see the weekend go.  

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Do you have any special Easter traditions? Growing up my Mom always gave me a stuffed bunny rabbit and a Peter the rabbit book to make a large collection.  I gave Turner his first bunny, and it is the softest stuffed animal on the planet.  He absolutely loves it.



Happy Birthday Alex! We're celebrating my husband's 26th birthday today.   I'm so thankful for another year, and I am blessed to share everyday with him. If you know Alex, you know he's quite entertaining and enjoys talking as much as I do ; ) We never have a loss for words. He is always striving to be better than the day before, and our house wouldn't know what to do without him.  This morning we opened presents (golf shirts and a smoker he's building), and tonight we actually hired a babysitter for the first time so we can go out to dinner with friends. 

The day we signed for our house
Always leading me through Home Depot
The best Dad a little boy could ask for

Behind the Camera


Like many other bloggers, my spouse is my photographer.  He's not a fan of the photo process, so I've learned exactly what I need to do to make him hate it a little less.
  1. Ask a day ahead of time or at least the morning of if he would take some photos
  2. Don't ask him to stop what he's doing and take the photos until I'm completely ready (lipgloss on, and camera on the correct setting)
  3. Make it short - We usually spend less than 3 minutes taking photos, about 15-20 photos
  4. Thank him for helping me with my blog/creativity - he knows it's important to me

I guess I could just get a tripod, but that would be too easy.  Who's behind your camera fellow bloggers? How do they feel about taking your photo?

P.S. - How cute is this scarf?  It's the perfect accessory for keeping me warm on a cool spring day.

Scarf: c/o Willa Kate and Co.
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Gianni Bini

Estate Sale Finds - 4.4-4.6


I totally scored these matching twin bed frames a few weekends ago for $40 a piece.  They were thankfully still there on Sunday, and everything was 50% off!  After playing tetris with them in our car, Alex told me I can't go to another estate sale until he owns a truck. My response..."Hahahaha, yeah that's not gonna happen."  Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a truck, but we can't afford buying another vehicle right now.

Not too many great sales going on this weekend, but here are a few items that caught my eye.

Estate #1 - Austin (This sale looks amazing! It's probably a good thing I'll be out of town, because I might need a truck for this one)

Estate #2 - Austin (Love these unique chairs)

Estate #3 - San Antonio (White bedroom set w/gold accent)

90 Day No Shopping Challenge Complete!


My 90 day no shopping challenge is officially over! I successfully did not buy one item of clothing for myself for 3 months, although I did buy these pants from Gap with my reward points, so not sure if that counts.  I joined my friend, Kelsey, back in January for this "fun" challenge as I noticed myself always shopping sales (specifically Gap), and getting to the point where I was buying just to buy because it was on sale.  Don't get me wrong, I love every thing I purchase, but I didn't need it.  

  • Stepping away from the emails.  In the beginning I was still receiving retail emails daily on specific sales.  I quickly learned I could not handle looking at those everyday, so I unsubscribed from all of my retail websites.  
  • Staying away from clothing stores.  On the weekends, I like to spend a few hours of my baby-free time shopping or at least window shopping.  During the challenge, I found it very hard to window shop knowing that in 3 months that top I loved might not be there, so I had to find a new weekend activity (insert estate sales). 
What I learned: 
  • This challenge has helped me to realize what essential items I want (I really hate to use the word, need, when it comes to clothes) in my closet that can build a great wardrobe, and also help me to focus on the specific pieces of clothing I want to save for.  It was a great time to start the challenge, because I became a thrifting fool of furniture and home decor, and it was nice to have that extra money to spend on our house.  
  • It can wait.  There were a few times during the challenge I saw an item of clothing that I felt I just had to have, BUT I had to walk away.  The only thing that gave me the strength to walk away was the challenge.  I was able to practice self restraint numerous times.  Many items I saw have come and gone in my mind, but a few have stuck out.  If I'm still dreaming about them they will likely be great additions to my wardrobe. 

Thankfully, Alex and I started a very strict budget, so I won't be going on a crazy shopping spree since the challenge is over.  Below are a few of the specific items I can't get out of my head that I feel would be perfect for my spring wardrobe.

1. Anthropologie Tunic $48 - I find myself wearing plain t-shirts every weekend, so this tee is perfect to add a bit more detail and get more of a put together look.

2. Lotta T-Bar Clogs $78 - These have great reviews, and are less pricey than other popular brands.  These would be perfect to dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans or a simple cotton dress.

3. Fossil Chambray Popover $88 - I've always loved denim, and I've been living in my Gap denim pearl snap (I remember buying it for $50 6 years ago, and worrying I spent too much money on it. That is definitely not the case now, because I have washed it over and over and it still has maintained its quality)

4. Jeffrey Campbell Ibiza Sandal $55 - Simple and versatile enough to throw on with a pair of shorts or a casual dress

5. Fossil Slim Boyfriend Jean $98 - I live in jeans. I probably wear jeans 4 out of 7 days a week.  I've got slim pickins right now in my closet, so this will definitely be my first purchase after the challenge.

6. ASOS Smock Dress $40 - It's finally warming up here in Texas, and I'm ready to wear dresses again. This dress looks comfy enough to lounge around in on the weekends or dress up for dinner with friends.

7. Toms Classic $54 - I have worn my gray Toms in to the ground.  They're covered in paint and my big toe is poking through.  I feel a bit white trash when I wear them out, but they are so comfy.  It's about time I replace them.

I would definitely be up for doing the challenge again, maybe next time a full year?! Did you participate in the challenge? If so, how did you do?!

Backup Black Dress


Last Thursday I attended my first event for the Austin Moms Blog at the Domain's Blo Dry Bar. I haven't dressed up in a long time, or at least it feels like it.  I was running around trying to find something to wear, and nothing fit thanks to being extremely bloated and not working out for the past few months.  When I'm in doubt, I just throw on this simple black dress.  It is my back up for weddings, showers, you name it. I enjoyed meeting other moms, and mingling with the other contributors.  I look forward to dressing up more often.  

Please excuse the angry face...I was in a hurry
Dress: BCBG
Heels: Gianni Bini
Bracelet: Thrifted

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