ARTbyHKM Print Giveaway!


For the last year I have been on the hunt for a custom piece of art, and I really didn't want to buy a massive print from a giant retailer.  Through a friend's Instagram, I discovered Hayley Mitchell's (ARTbyHKM) beautiful art!  I instantly fell in love with the color, and knew I had to have a piece for my home. The best part....they are affordable! I literally screamed with joy when I opened up my package and saw this wonderful canvas of flowers.  It is the PERFECT addition to our kitchen, and seeing it when I walk through my front door truly brightens my mood.

I'm excited to say Hayley is giving ONE lucky reader an 11x14 or 14x14 print from her shop (you can choose ANY piece of art you like and she will make a print just for you). This will be an Instagram contest, so head to my Instagram account for contest rules. A winner will be chosen Monday night 9/29! And don't be too sad if you don't win, because you can use the code JESSE30 to get 30% off any item!!!

I love her abstract paintings as well!  If you're looking for special piece for your home/nursery, Hayley can create a piece based off the specific colors you want.  Will definitely be doing this with my next baby's room.

See more of Hayley's custom paintings on her Etsy shop here! Don't forget to enter HERE.

1 Year Home-iversary!


This is a few weeks past due, but my family has officially lived in our home for 1 year! We have absolutely LOVED owning a home. I can't imagine how much different it will be bringing our next baby in to this world to a home rather than an apartment. We've had great dinners with friends, spent hours on the porch, learned how to plant/garden (I have a lot to learn), celebrated our son's first birthday and rolled around on the carpet playing with Turner almost every night.

We have worked our butts off this past year, and I'm extremely proud of what we've accomplished so far. I took off a total of 6 vacation days just to paint and it was totally worth it. I can't even think of how many hours I spent painting, but it was a labor of love!

  • Cabinet Doors/Drawers Painted - 53
  • Doors Painted - 19
  • Shelves Painted - 39
  • Rooms Painted - 7
  • Painted every inch of trim from brown to white
  • Rebuilt and stained the deck
  • Renovated the Guest Bathroom
  • Renovated the Master Bathroom (reveal to come, we're still adding the final touches)
The only projects we have left are; paint master bedroom, paint hallway, and put new countertops in the kitchen.

Check out some of my favorite projects from the past year!

Turner's Bedroom

Guest Bathroom Renovation

Living Room


Kitchen and Master bath renovation pics to come!

I cherish the days we have in our home.  We are incredibly blessed to have a roof over our heads, and safe place to live freely.  I told Alex we forgot to celebrate, to which he replied; "I payed the mortgage bill." Hmmm...good answer.

Non Stop Weekend


Sunday I put this outfit on at 7am. That is very early for me to get dressed up, but honestly I was tired of wearing jeans and baggy t-shirts all weekend.  The second I got home I changed right back in to my shorts & tee, but it was nice to get dressed up for a change. 

What were you up to this weekend? 

Friday we volunteered to babysit our neighbors kids.  We have an amazing babysitting swap deal (whoo hoo for free babysitting). 

Saturday I worked a bit of overtime, and we did a lot of housework/fall decorating.  Turner and I had a date to Target, and he fell in love with my favorite pretzel/icee combo.  Have you been to Target lately? Oh my goodness, they have some extremely cute halloween decorations right now at very reasonable prices (cheaper than most craft stores).  I'm prepping for Turner's 2nd birthday party which will be Halloween themed (I'd call it Modern Halloween), and then we'll be throwing a big Halloween party 2 weeks later.  Thankfully, I'll be able to reuse most of the win.  We ended the night at a friends bbq.

Sunday we visited a new church, made homemade pizza, watched a lot of football, and worked on some BuiltWell projects.  I sanded and primed the rocking chair you see behind me in this picture.

Top: Jcpenney
Skirt: Target
Belt: Forever 21

Austin Moms Blog: Raising Your Children in the City vs. the Country


Have you ever wondered about the differences in raising your child in a city vs. the country? Or vice versa?  I was raised in the country and now live in a city, and I often ask myself this question.  Thankfully, I have the opportunity to take my son to my hometown often so he can experience country life.  Today I'm discussing this topic on Austin Moms Blog.  Check out the post here!

Ruining A Good Surprise


Insert foot in mouth.  I'm infamous for that phrase, sometimes I just say the wrong things at the wrong time.  A few months ago, my sister and I started scheming about taking my mom on a girls trip for her birthday.  We wanted to do something BIG, and show her how much we appreciated her love and service all these years. We hunted expedia for great deals, and finally decided to take her to a place she's never been....NEW YORK CITY!  My sis and I went back and forth through texts about all the things we were going to do (Basically, visit every place in Home Alone 2 and Elf), and about how amazing the city will be during Christmas.  Plane tickets were bought, hotel reserved! We planned on surprising my Mom on her birthday, and only giving her one month to stress/shop for the trip.

Last week, my mom, sis and I were in a group text about something (not pertaining to the NYC surprise), and a few hours later I sent my sister a text saying "Put Mom's Rockette ticket on me."....and guess what I did. I accidentally sent it to the group text! My sister immediately messaged me and said, YOU JUST TEXTED MOM THAT! To which I replied, S&#@! My mom didn't reply, but a few days later she questioned my dad about us planning a surprise trip. Dang it, we were busted.  So, we had to reveal our birthday surprise 2 months early.  Ugh....foot in mouth except with texting.

Good news is....we are going to New York! I've already decided that I won't be looking cute, because I will be bundled in my ugly north face jacket and water proof moon boots. We will be going the 2nd weekend of December, and we already have a few things on our must do list; Rockettes Show, Ice Skating, Hot Chocolate at Serendipity, and seeing lots of Christmas Decor.

Any tips on what to wear at that time of the year?

Estate Sale Finds - 9.18-9.21


Estate # 1 - Austin (Amazing retro pieces!)

Estate #2 - Austin

Estate #3 - Cleburne

Estate #4 - Fredericksburg
Adorable tea sets
I spy a beautiful bath tub

Happy Hunting! Tag your treasures with #estatesalefinds so I can follow along!

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