Estate Sale Finds - 7.31- 8.3


Estate #1 - Taylor

Estate #2 - Midland

Estate #3 - Richmond

I am OBSESSED with this China!!!

Estate #4 - Midland

Estate #5 - Allen

Y'all! I want this ENTIRE furniture set. I emailed the seller, and he said the Dresser is $400, Chest of Drawers is $300 and the night stand is $100. I wish I lived in Dallas, and had the extra $ because I would trade my bedroom furniture in a heartbeat for this set.

Sometimes searching the web for estate sales can be tough because you find something you love, but can't get to it. In my case, last week I wanted this Louis Vuitton doctor bag, and the seller told me they were only asking $48! It was located over 3 hours from where I live, and the sale started on a Thursday. I definitely wouldn't be able to take off from work to get there at 7am to snatch it up, and the seller wouldn't hold it for me. So, I had to let it go : (  I'm used to walking away from things I can't afford, but it's hard to walk away from an amazing deal!

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After Work Style


Everyday after I get off of work, I come home and throw on a pair of blue jean or work out shorts, a sports bra, and a comfy tee.  For the next 3 hours I'll be playing with Turner (mostly outside and it is HOT here). I bought these metallic silver Birkenstocks about a month ago in anticipation for our upcoming trip to California.  I was looking for a casual yet comfy walking shoe, and these are perfect. They have formed to my feet, and I wear them every day after I get home.  I think my style may be getting too casual, because last weekend I wore them on our date night with friends.  I just never want to take them off.  Do you have a pair? If so, what do you think? 

Tee: Urban Outfitters (Men's)
Shorts: DIY (click HERE to find a step-by-step guide)
Sandals: Birkenstocks

Sensible Swap


I originally wanted this Jcrew shirt, but $60 wasn't in my budget.  I went by Jcrew to try it on for size just to see, and I found this chambray shirt on sale for $20. Great success (in Borat accent)! I'm trying my hardest to not by anything new before our trip to San Francisco, that way I can save $ to buy something unique from a cute boutique in San Fran. Well, I also can't shop because our A/C went out,  we're in mid bathroom remodel, and Alex's car is having issues. Praying nothing else goes wrong in the next month.

What's happening in most of my pictures
Top: Jcrew
Jeans: Fossil
Shoes: TJ Maxx



After drooling over Ascot & Hart's amazing cut off distressed jorts, I decided I would try to make my own. I headed my local Goodwill and found two pairs of men's jeans.  Here's a quick guide to making your own!

- Loose fitting jeans
- Scissors
- Measuring Tape

1. Buy non stretch loose fitting mens jeans. Preferably Levi's 501, but I couldn't find any in my size. 

2. Figure out how long you want your shorts to be. You can do this by trying them on and using a pen or a safety pin to mark off your length or measure from the inseam with a ruler. I measured 4" from the inseam. Also take in to account if you want to cuff the jeans. I wish I would have cut mine at 5" because they are a tad short once I cuffed them, but practice makes perfect. 

3. Before you cut, make sure to turn your jeans inside out so you don't cut off the pockets.  Cut at an angle from the inside to the outside, to make a V shape. This adds a more appealing look in my opinion.

4. I pulled the edges of thread out, but this isn't necessary.  I really just wanted some instant distress before throwing them in the washer/dryer.

5.  This is the step where you decide on how distressed you want your shorts.  Take a pair of scissors and cut a straight line to your desired length.  Leave at least a half inch space between each cut, if you cut the lines to close together, then it will create a giant hole once they're washed/dried.  However that might be the look you're going for.

6. Throw them in the washer/dryer and VOILA!

Simple Summer Style


Meet the softest tank you will ever wear. You can dress it up like I did here, or wear jeans and converse with it and it would be just as cute.  I'm a sucker for simple tops and neutrals, and periodically I have to stop myself from buying so much gray. Check out Everlane for some amazing basic pieces that are high quality and won't break the bank.

Top: c/o Everlane
Shorts: Loft 
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita via Nordstrom
Necklace: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Forever 21

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